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Childhood Role Models

We all have that one role model that shaped our childhood. For many, it's a super hero or a princess, maybe even a parent, aunt, or uncle. For me, I absolutely loved Shirley Temple. I've added a link to one of my favorite videos below. It's Shirley performing "When I Grow Up." (Side note: There's a funny comparison between the 1935 version of "When I Grow Up" and the Pussy Cat Doll's 2009 "When I Grow Up." Think how we've changed as a country.. lol!)

Anyway I remember putting this movie on and following Shirley through all the ages she talks about. At 16, she goes to a ball. At 21, she is married. It goes on. I thought my life would line up exactly with this timeline at 6 years old - hahahah! I am not upset by any means that I didn't reach these markers. I just find it comical what a younger me had imagined.

Shirley Temple was my role model because I admired her ability to sing and dance. I also danced and sang as a child and I saw no difference between us. We were peers. I used to perform with her as I watched her shows. When I was older I found admiration for Shirley and the place she held in American History during the Great Depression. I even wrote two term papers on her and her impact!

Anyway please enjoy this short clip. And let me know who your role models were! Leave a comment.

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