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Cheese Dip

It's Monday around lunch time and I am starving. I brought a sandwich but it's not sounding super appetizing. I passed a Mexican restaurant on my way to work this morning and ever since CHEESE DIP HAS BEEN ON MY MIND. I want to get it for lunch but I cannot justify eating it. Running through my head I hear, "It's too fattening, it's not a full meal, it's unhealthy, it's just not right." Who says it is not right? ME and ONLY ME. I realized I was making these excuses and creating these weird parameters for myself. No one else was, just me. These limitations were causing me anxiety and stress. So I finally recognized this and told myself to JUST GET THE DANG CHEESE DIP AND BE HAPPY.

Us women, hold ourselves to high standards. It's good to have ambition and goals but sometimes it can get out of hand - just like my cheese dip experience.

So my point is:

Enjoy life.

Enjoy your cravings.

Enjoy treating yourself.

Enjoy Cheese Dip.

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