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Let's relate...

I was talking with my friend Kate the other day about life after college. One of the main things we discussed was how our generation tries so hard to mask feelings of doubt or failure. I responded and said, "KATE, that is exactly what my blog is about. I talk about failure and being only 23 feeling like I have NO IDEA what is going on."

So please let this be a space where we share feelings of doubt or confusion. I am not trying to pretend I have it all together. I am a terrible liar and I just wouldn't be able to pull off a big stunt like that.

I love my job and I am real happy to be doing it. I don't need to be make 6 figures a year (yet) and I don't need to be a high executive position (yet). I work hard and I try to care deeply for others. And for today, April 23, 2018, that is enough.

Let's celebrate the little things and try, for once, not to focus on all the things we haven't accomplished yet.

peace, love, puppies


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