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How I Got HelloFresh $1.50

This a post for all my #strugglingartists out there. We have no money and the money we do have we spend on things we don't need like designer clothing and video streaming subscriptions.

I know y'all are thinking HOW in the WORLD did I get Hello Fresh, a meal delivering service, for $1.50?

I shall reveal all my secrets.

I am an avid member of Groupon. Groupon is a company that sells coupons and gift certificates at discounted prices. I had been eyeing meal delivery services for a while and had debated on splurging to try them, but could never justify spending the money. BUT THEN ONE DAY, an email hit my inbox ****95% OFF***** up to $30 total. SO I found a coupon for one week of Hello Fresh for $30. I used my code "YOUR95" and BAM $1.50 for 3 meals for 2 people.

So one week of delicious food for $1.50


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