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Favorite Netflix Binges

Pretty Wild

This show hasn't been available on Netflix since 2015 I believe. HOWEVER, I highly recommended finding it. My friend Mario and I found it on Hulu - unsure if it's still there. It's a reality TV show about a family with 3 young girls who live in LA. It's almost an attempt at a Kardashian type of show, but the filming comes to a rough end when one of the girls is accused of being in the Bling Ring (the group of teens who robbed several celebrities homes).

The Crown

Queen Elizabeth II ... do I need to say more?? Also check out "Elizabeth at 90," a documentary made to celebrate her birthday.

The Stand Ups - Beth Stelling

Maybe I am a little bias because Beth Stelling went to the same college as me, but she is hilarious. She has a short 30 minute episode in this series and you will love watching her.

The Last Five Years

Grab a bottle of red wine and pint of ice cream for this one. Follow Jamie and Kathy as they journey through their 5 year relationship and it's ups and downs. Plot twist: they sing everything and Kathy describes the story from the end to the beginning while Jamie describes it from the beginning to the end.

Of course I could go on and on about different shows but this should get y'all started ;)

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