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How Did I Get Here? Part One

Since graduation, to say I've been on the move would be an understatement. I've lived in four states, held 2 different jobs, and cried once a week.

Graduating is hard and NO ONE wants to talk about this MASSIVE life transition. Everyone is afraid to admit their homesick, lonely, or scraping by because it's "unprofessional." But being professional to me is being honest and truthful. So I am here to tell you about my journey.

Everybody's journey is different, but the end goal is the same... you want a job.

I graduated May 13, 2017. I ran the university snapchat for that day and I felt like a KWEEN. I received not one BUT two diplomas (theater and music). The head of the theater department refused to let me walk across the stage twice so I proudly displayed both (one in each hand) as I walked across the stage. Yes, the sass is real.

After graduation, I went back home to Nashville, TN. I visited old friends, cleaned out my childhood room and prepared for my next upcoming adventure - Miss Ohio.

I had qualified for Miss Ohio back in March when my sorority little encouraged me to do a pageant with her. Everything fell into place and I thought, "Sure! What do I have to lose?" Well, 6 hours later with a crown on my head I was Miss Oxford 2017, an outcome I was not expecting. Through all the excitement and adrenaline I remembered that this was a prelim to Miss Ohio and I just won my ticket to Hollywood (Mansfield, OH). Long story short, my summer plans quickly changed.

So I traveled up to Mansfield, OH for 10 days with a garment bag full of sparkly dresses and MAC makeup. I met 19 wonderful, inspiring, amazing girls and gained a week and a half full of once in a lifetime experiences. I won the talent preliminary award, the classical music award, and made the top 10 - all while being a rookie. Although I didn't take home the crown, the countless stories and friendships I walked away with are more important to me. Competing in Miss Ohio was truly a gift and I am so thankful for this unexpected opportunity.

As soon as Miss Ohio was complete, I moved to New York City....

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