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~super(bowl) thankful & blessed~

Do you ever stop and think about how thankful you are? I like to think I do, but last night some moments made me think that maybe I don't.

Last night I was at a friend's house watching the Superbowl, just like you guys. The friend didn't have cable so we used an Amazon Fire Stick to access NBC Sports. The Amazon fire stick was brought over by another friend who forgot the remote so we didn't get to watching the game until 6:45ish. We missed the National Anthem and all the preshow shenanigans. Once we got the fire stick set up, the TV buffered through every commercial punchline and exciting play - it seemed like Amazon did not want us to watch the game. These little mishaps weren't really annoying me (yet), but they were adding up. As another spinning wheel of death popped up, I walked to the kitchen to grab some more game day food... my third plate (NOT sorry). After the game was over I drove about 1/3 way home and pulled over because the roads were super icy and I was getting scared. I ended up taking an Uber home and fetched my car this morning.

On my uber ride home, I couldn't stop praying and thanking God. Thanking the Lord for safety, for friends, for food. I just kept thinking: I am so freakin' lucky to have FOOD and a lot of it this Sunday. I am so blessed to have access to a TV or amazing technology like the Amazon Fire Stick. I am so thankful that I am surrounding by uplifting friends that binge eat buffalo chicken dip with me. I am incredibly fortunate to be able to pick up my phone and call a ride to get me home safely and afford to do that.

I know this sounds so cheesy but all these events at first glance are normal everyday things I get to do, but they are really gifts.

As my friend Aidan always said in high school, "Caroline, someone always has it worse than you," and even on my worst of days that rings incredibly true.

So try to think of that saying on your next bad day. We are so blessed. Be thankful.

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