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Since my last post, I have been accepted into graduate school! I am on the track to receive my Master of Education. It is surreal and feels like a dream, but God has a way of working in mysterious ways so who knows what is in store?!

In one of my classes, Foundations of Multiculturalism Education, we have been learning about social justice education or equal education. Something that really has stuck with me are two phrases that come from our text book: comfort zone and learning edge. The comfort zone is what YOU know, what you've been exposed to, your thoughts, how you view the world, etc. The learning edge is the unknown.

How do you confront what is between your learning edge and comfort zone?

We expand our comfort zones by pushing into the learning edge; however, there's no motivation to succeed and fully push beyond those personal barriers because we're under the impression that we should always land back in the comfort zone. It's an odd cycle.

I've been asking myself over the past few days, what is my learning edge? I feel like I try to remain neutral human. I love learning about other people's opinions and views. I try to ask my peers for feedback on how I can be a considerate fair person, but these acts doesn't reveal my learning edge.

So I challenge you guys to reflect on this with me. I invite you to a conversation about our learning edges. Try to find your's and let me know how finding that and knowing your unknown changes your day.

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