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International Pancake Day

Yesterday I attended IHOP's International Pancake Day and helped fundraise for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. At first glance, my duties were simple: standing by the door, greeting people and asking for donations. However, I could not stand still... literally. So, I found myself talking to almost EVERYONE in the restaurant in addition to spreading awareness of CMN. What I learned through this experience was how meaningful and uplifting a good conversation can be. People are so excited to tell you about their families or how hard they've worked to be where they are. It was amazing to see people's faces light up when you asked them to tell you about themselves.

My experience made me realize two things:

1. We need to spend more time learning about each other in person and not just on Facebook.

2. Ask people about their day, their life, their accomplishments.

It's incredibly rewarding. You can learn so much from others.

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