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I am embracing a new platform called #TheFacebookChallenge. This is a movement I made up, but I feel is VERY necessary and everyone can benefit.

The challenge is abstaining from Facebook and all forms of social media for 24 hours. SIMPLE... or so it seems? It's about encouraging yourself to spend 24 hours of your time doing something else instead of staring at Facebook for endless hours comparing yourself to others.

Some suggestions of what you might do with all this free time are:

1. Call a friend and catch up

2. Meet with someone 1:1

3. Text someone and share a great memory of them

4. Work out

5. Write a letter

The possibilities are endless!!

I've been doing this every weekend for about a month now and I've never been more confident. PLEASE join me. If you complete the challenge, post a status once it's completed using the hashtag #THEFACEBOOKCHALLENGE and one thing you learned from this experience.

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