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I have this fear that I am running out of time. I want to accomplish everything. I have a hard time saying no when asked to join organizations and committees. Sleep? Who needs sleep? I can do it all. This is a problem I have struggled with my entire life and it is something I constantly have to work on.

I am constantly trying to remind myself of these important key things:

  1. Saying yes to everything is kinda selfish. Thinking YOU can do everything and it's YOU an organization needs is giving yourself too much credit. Yes we each bring something unique and special to the table, but I doubt that superpower that you offer is applicable to everything.

  2. Is it fair to these organizations to be overextended and unable to commit? No, it's actually holding them back. How is your absence affecting this org's meeting and progress?

  3. Priorities - what is important to you. Is this an organization that you are extremely passionate about or is it just a resume builder? If it's just a resume builder, step down and give your position to someone who is passionate about this particular org.

  4. Is being involved with this organization going to affect your life positively? Does it align with your goals for the future? Will it provide the necessary experience and skills you need for your career? If not, maybe allow someone to have that opportunity for themselves if they fit that criteria.

It is really hard to ask yourself these questions and be honest. As someone who struggles with over commitment on a regular basis, I get it. It's important to constantly re-assess yourself and hold yourself accountable if you do make a mistake. It is okay to own up to over extending yourself. It's a lot better than pushing yourself to the edge bending over backwards to make every meeting, event or commitment. Be honest with yourself and what your true capabilities are.

That's the only way you are going to move on and improve.

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